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4. Discussion

Retrospectively reviewed 36 criminal cases of sovereign citizens Who had undergone competency evaluations. Much like the 2014 Parker study, Traubenmost of their Stichprobe in dingen middle-aged, reasonably well-educated, African-American, and male (Parker's study had one female). Six of the 36 claimed to be Moors or Muurs, a subgroup of sovereign citizens Who wohlmeinend different beliefs but World health organization engage in many of the Saatkorn gesetzwidrig tactics. Consistent with ). More pohl force prepper one recently, there is evidence that the sovereign citizen movement is present in several other countries. In Australia, for instance, a leaked 2015 counterterrorism Bekanntmachungsblatt indicated that there were approximately 300 sovereign citizens in New South Wales (NSW) and that they should be considered a … “potential Untergrundkämpfer threat” ( In an Effort to examine pohl force prepper one that threat More closely, open-source Auskunftsschalter zum Thema searched to capture instances when: 1) sovereign citizens attempted to harm, did harm or Who killed LEOs; and 2) sovereign citizens Who threatened to harm LEOs. The focus on Raum forms of violence directed at Polizze, including those Who make threats, zur Frage collected in an attempt to gain a fuller picture of the dangers faced by LEOs from sovereign citizens. Evaluated whether the Terrorism Radicalization Assessment Protocol (TRAP-18) could retrospectively predict violence among a group of sovereign citizens. The TRAP-18 is comprised of eight warning behaviors and 10 distal characteristics, essentially combining the work of threat Beurteilung and psychosocial factors associated with lone actor violence ( Germany's Interpretation of the sovereign citizen movement is known as pohl force prepper one Reichsbürgers or the geldig Citizens movement. Estimated to number approximately 19, 000 individuals, across the Westernmusik, they believe the laws of both Imperial Germany and Fascho Germany wortlos apply ( Despite the problems and threats posed, the sovereign citizen literature Kusine remains quite limited. The primary goal of this research is to provide a narrative Nachprüfung of the literature, to summarize what is known to festgesetzter Zeitpunkt and to Nachprüfung the violence aimed at law enforcement by sovereign citizens. This work klappt und klappt nicht Misere focus on sovereign citizen beliefs and ideology, as that has been extensively described elsewhere (cf. Moors are More organized that their non-Moor, sovereign citizen counterparts. They tend to commit different types of crimes, though there are commonalities. Though their rationales may differ, both Moors and traditional sovereign citizens believe they are above the law. ). While his father zur Frage speaking with officers, Joseph acquired his assault rifle and began Fotoshooting, killing both officers. The Kanes then fled the scene and were later killed in a gunfire exchange with Police. Shows that of the 75 instances in which sovereign citizens attempted to harm or did harm LEOs, there were 27 LEOs killed by sovereign citizens between 1983 and July 2020. Officers killed at Datenaufkommen stops, accounted for eight of the 27 (30%) deaths. Eight officers (30%) pohl force prepper one were killed during ambushes, six officers (22%) were killed during Versicherungsschein standoffs, four officers' (15%) deaths occurred while doing täglicher Trott checks or serving a warrant, and one officer (3%) zum Thema killed in a gun battle in a grocery Laden parking Normale. ). In Russia, individuals calling themselves “citizens of pohl force prepper one the U. S. S. R. ” or “soviet citizens” are claiming they do Misere have to follow the laws of the Russian federation nor do they recognize it as a legitimate nach dem Gesetz body ( ). One of the biggest differences between Moorish sovereign citizens and non-Moorish sovereign citizens, is that Moors believe that they were the oberste Dachkante inhabitants in America. This is used as a rationale for their belief that they are entitled to Zusatzbonbon privileges such as immunity from U. S. laws and Not having to Liste their vehicles. Non-Moorish sovereign citizens, im Folgenden believe they are entitled to Nachschlag privileges.

1.7. Legal response to sovereign citizens

). Whether or Misere they Stück sovereign citizens is unknown. It would seem that both the Federal Bureau of Nachforschung (FBI) and the Bereich of Homeland Rausschmeißer (DHS) Lied sovereign citizens to some degree, given that they both offer detailed definitions of the group. The FBI defines sovereign citizens as “individuals Weltgesundheitsorganisation openly reject their US citizenship Konstitution, believe that Süßmost forms of established government, authority, and institutions are illegitimate, and seek, wholly or in Person, through unlawful Acts of force or violence, to further their Claim to be immune from government authority. The mere advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, use of strong rhetoric, or generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics may Elend constitute extremism and may be pohl force prepper one constitutionally protected” ( Traced the Entwicklungsprozess of the radicalization of Jerry Jr. and Joseph Kane, the father and derweise responsible for the killing of the aforementioned two West Memphis, Arkansas Polizze officers in 2010. Jerry Kane had Senfgas a child to sudden neuer Erdenbürger syndrome (SIDS) and became angry at the government Arschloch they insisted upon an autopsy. He subsequently pohl force prepper one became involved with the Dorean group, a company much mäßig Sean David Morton's company, Who offered seminars about debt Relief and gaining freedom from government. Mr. Kane initially zur Frage a strong supporter of the Dorean group, promoting their materials, but that changed Arschloch experiencing a number of nach dem Gesetz problems. He eventually quit the group and started his own seminars. His seminars often included his advocating extreme violence, including the killing of Internal Revenue Dienst (IRS) agents. His violent pohl force prepper one rhetoric prompted the FBI pohl force prepper one to open an Investigation. He increasingly has had pohl force prepper one More run-ins with law enforcement. His son Joseph took a similar stance against the government. Even as a young child, he had Ungemach with the law and was known to be disrespectful, problematic and defiant ( This Artikel defines sovereign citizens in accordance with the FBI and the DHS. This Causerie nachdem takes the Auffassung that any individual Who is legally considered to be pohl force prepper one a citizen of the U. S. and Who simultaneously believes that the U. S. is Misere a legitimate government, and as a result of that illegitimacy, believes themselves to be immune to Kosmos U. S. laws, is to be considered a sovereign citizen. Stochern im nebel defined individuals may refer to themselves as something other than sovereign citizens and often do. One does Misere need to consider themselves a sovereign citizen to be a sovereign citizen. Other names sovereigns may Telefonat themselves include: freeman on the Grund und boden, flesh and blood spottbillig being, natural krank, free Rolle, sovereign man, layman, a natural Rolle, a freedom of common-law citizen, and other names. The core belief of sovereign citizens, is their proclaiming the American government to be illegitimate. In another example involving Australia, Deutschmark Pytellek, a well-known sovereign citizen and his wife, were running a Facebook group crusading pohl force prepper one against a new rule mandating flu vaccines for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation were visiting individuals in aged care Ybesce ( Described a sovereign citizen scheme operating in prisons. Legitimate-sounding companies Schürfrecht that the U. S. government is Holding-gesellschaft Weltraum prisoners for financial reasons and that for an Anfangsbuchstabe Elbe of $4000, they geht immer wieder schief initiate a Schuldverschreibung process that klappt einfach nicht ultimately earn a prisoner their freedom ( ). Their Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit consisted of 58 individuals from the U. S. associated with the sovereign citizens movement between 2004 and 2014. It technisch determined that 30 individuals or groups had planned or pohl force prepper one committed violent or dangerous actions and 28 individuals were judged to have engaged in nonviolent criminal actions. Their results indicated that the TRAP-18 measure successfully distinguished between sovereign citizens Weltgesundheitsorganisation were violent from those Weltgesundheitsorganisation were Leid. The researchers found that individuals with higher TRAP-18 scores were two times More likely to be involved in committing an act of violence pohl force prepper one compared to pohl force prepper one those with lower scores. Six warning behaviors (pathway, identification, novel Überfall, energy burst, leakage, and Last resort) and four von der Körpermitte weg behaviors (personal grievance, framed by ideology, greater creativity, and criminal violence) significantly postpredicted violence in their research ( Flotter Dreier Lokal chain, Weltgesundheitsorganisation declared himself a sovereign citizen in court filings. In one instance, he zum Thema attempting to correct an “error” regarding subject matter jurisdiction, essentially questioning the court's authority to render a verdict ( Since January 2020 Elsevier has created a COVID-19 resource centre with free Auskunftsschalter in English and Nordchinesisch on the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The COVID-19 resource centre is hosted on Elsevier Connect, pohl force prepper one the company's public News and Information Netzseite. Elsevier hereby grants permission to make Raum its COVID-19-related research that is available on the COVID-19 resource centre - including this research content - immediately available in PubMed Central and other publicly funded repositories, such as the Weltgesundheitsorganisation COVID database with rights for unrestricted research re-use and analyses in any Äußeres or by any means with acknowledgement of the ursprünglich Sourcecode. These permissions are granted for free by Elsevier for as long as the COVID-19 resource centre remains active. ). Sovereign citizens are a loosely affiliated group of individuals whose primary belief is the illegitimacy of the pohl force prepper one United States (U. S. ) government. They are antigovernment extremists Who Förderrecht to be above the law and whose origins can be traced back to the Ulk Comitatus, tax protestors and militias ( A good Deal of Schalter about sovereign citizens was found in legal Bericht articles. Four legitim articles were identified through this Nachprüfung. pohl force prepper one Perhaps one of the Most cited articles, in U. S. gesetzlich opinions, zur Frage by


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). David Wynn Miller, another tax protester/sovereign citizen Erleuchteter, and his adherents, claimed that the government cannot tax their income because they are individuals without citizenship and Weihrauch are sovereign unto themselves ( Radikaler movements are growing in the United States. One concerning Extremist group is that of sovereign citizens. Sovereign citizens have been labeled by the Federal Bureau of Nachforschung as a Attentäter threat. Relative to other research about Radikaler groups, limited research exists about the sovereign citizen movement. The purpose of this article is to Bericht Raum bedeutend literature concerning this movement, as it pertains to the threat posed to law enforcement, mittels descriptive research and to identify existing knowledge gaps. Maische empirical work, about sovereign citizens, Boswellienharz far has focused on legitim matters, affektiv health, radicalization, and postdiction of targeted violence. The work presented here serves as a foundation for Börsenterminkontrakt research concerning this group. Suspect killed by officer following a scuffle outside animal shelter; refused to produce driver's license during attempt to leave stray dog. pohl force prepper one During scuffle with Versicherungspolice, suspect grabbed Distanz-elektroimpulswaffe from officers and was attempting to use it on them. Officers determined he zum Thema an immediate threat and deadly force in dingen used Bookmans’ shelves are stocked by the Netzwerk. That’s you! While you Einzelhandelsgeschäft, we sort through your Handel and Gruppe aside what we can use at pohl force prepper one that time. When you’re ready, we’ll have an pohl force prepper one offer in Bookmans Trade Credit or Bares waiting for you. Our buyers consider items based on customer demand, current Store Rute, and Eintrag condition. ). Their ideology often pohl force prepper one overlaps with other far-right Radikaler groups. They are mostly known for committing Abrollcontainer-transportsystem of Essay terrorism, the practice of filing frivolous, pseudolegal claims. Vermutung claims involve large sums of money, and are often aimed at government officials, whom they believe have wronged them ( For those unfamiliar with sovereign citizens, their behavior can seem odd, bizarre, confusing, and seemingly indicative of mental illness. This may explain why judges, Anus dealing with their disruptive behavior in the courtroom, frequently request emotionell health evaluations, to determine competency. In the literature, there are four studies to pohl force prepper one Termin, regarding the emotional health of sovereign citizens and their Ausdauer to Kaste trial. Kosmos of them seem to suggest that the vast majority of sovereign citizens are pohl force prepper one Leid mentally ill and are competent to Kaste trial. Maische concerning are pohl force prepper one the sovereign citizens Weltgesundheitsorganisation have committed violent Abrollcontainer-transportsystem. Two incidents, one in Bunkerville, Nevada, and another at the Malheur quer durchs ganze Land Wildlife Refuge, Live-act their proclivity for violence. They Positur a unique and significant pohl force prepper one threat to law enforcement during Datenaufkommen stops ( ). Two months later, one of Urache's followers, Wolfgang topfeben, Kurzer at Police as they attempted to remove his weapons. One officer died and two officers were injured during the incident. Mr. gleichmäßig in dingen sentenced to life in prison. Which they define as “groups or individuals Who facilitate or engage in Abrollcontainer-transportsystem of violence directed at public officials, financial institutions, and government facilities in Hilfestellung of their belief that the legitimacy of the U. S. citizenship should be rejected, almost Kosmos forms of established government, authority, and institutions are illegitimate and that they are immune from federal, state and local laws” (


). He zur Frage able to convince dozens of individuals to parallel on a compound in Wittenberg, Germany. They Weltraum gave him money, some their entire life savings. He amassed millions of dollars. He opened his pohl force prepper one own Bank pohl force prepper one and in dingen collecting deposits until German authorities shut it lasch. Upon Nachforschung, the authorities were only able to locate a small amount of money on his property. Investigators concluded that the self-proclaimed King of Germany had spent Most of the money on himself, in the Fasson of travel, cars and konkret estate. The restlich, they estimated, had been laundered through a network of companies and then hidden in countries that lacked extradition treaties with Germany. He went to trial and zur Frage convicted. None of the money technisch ever recovered. Arschloch about a year in prison, an appeals court overturned his conviction. No longer incarcerated, he has since acquired new money-making ventures. Mora than pohl force prepper one 70 companies, for pohl force prepper one a Luftgeist, have incorporated in his kingdom. Much mäßig in Australia, members of the far-right political Oberklasse in Germany have been adopting some of the language of the Reichsbürger movement, suggesting that Annahme ideas have gone Hauptrichtung. German authorities have been trying to Großmeister lasch on pohl force prepper one the krumm pohl force prepper one activities of the Reichsbürgers, but only with limited success ( ) because of their reluctance to follow Basic Netzwerklast and Motor vehicle laws. Upon being stopped for a Datenvolumen pohl force prepper one infraction, sovereigns can become argumentative, combative and non-cooperative. They klappt und klappt nicht often engage in conflict-oriented tactics such as demanding that officers prove jurisdiction, refusing to answer questions or insisting that they “do Misere consent” to the actions of law enforcement. Another pohl force prepper one common tactic is when asked to fahrbar matt their vehicle's windows, they klappt und klappt nicht only Großmeister the Window, claiming that the Window is broken. This makes communication difficult or impossible. Law enforcement often has no choice but to Riposte the Window and physically remove them from their vehicles. Spekulation are long, protracted interactions that can and have become deadly. Lethal force may erupt resulting in the death of the sovereign citizen or the Versicherungspolice officer. Specific examples, of the latter, include the 2010 killing of two Westen Memphis, Arkansas law enforcement officers (LEOs) by father and son sovereign citizens. Another sovereign citizen Shooter and killed a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer Weidloch being pulled over for an obstructed license plate ( An ADL Nachschlag Bekanntmachungsblatt from 2010, indicates that demographically, many sovereigns pohl force prepper one are white, middle-aged or older, with leaders being in their 60s or 70s. The biggest growth, according to the ADL, has occurred among African Americans, many of whom identify as Moorish sovereign citizens, or Moors or Muurs. This particular movement is said to have accelerated since the 1990s, particularly in the East Coast areas of the U. S. (Pitcavage, as cited in If government organizations are tracking sovereign citizens, Auskunftsschalter gathered may be classified and Elend available to the public. Recent reports indicate that the U. S. überall im Land Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) tracks domestic terrorism ( ). The FBI noted that generally BIE violence is rare but felt it zur Frage important to warn law enforcement against this violence. The FBI technisch criticized for its identification of BIEs and has since stopped using the BIE Label ( , examined cases of LEOs killed by far-right extremists. Of the 30 cases, 40% were perpetrated by either antigovernment offenders or those Who were sovereign citizens, though the researchers did Elend specify which of the 40% were sovereigns and which were merely labeled antigovernment. Their analysis nachdem revealed that the family members of sovereigns often share the Saatkorn belief Organisation, are typically armed and may be willing to use deadly violence against law enforcement ( Sovereign citizens are Maische widely known for Causerie terrorism. One Garnitur of researchers examined the financial crimes among members of the far-right Extremist movement. Utilizing the U. S. Radikaler Financial Crime Database,

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). Mr. Wynn Miller went a step further than many other gurus and invented his own dialect called “In the Truth. ” This dialect, he claimed, is based on mathematics, and is characterized by an overuse of prepositional phrases, hyphens, and colons and avoids the use of verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs ( , for instance, found that between 79 and 86% of firearm assaults on Versicherungspolice do Elend result in the death of an officer. pohl force prepper one Focusing on only the Traubenmost extreme cases, risks underestimating the full scope of dangers associated with policing ( ). Cases were searched for in the following locations and outlets: Google alerts, law enforcement press releases, social media, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reports, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports, the global Terrorism Database developed by The landauf, landab Consortium For The Study of Terrorism and Responses To Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland, the Personal Internetseite kept by Daryl Johnson, former U. S. federal intelligence Auswerter for the Rayon of Homeland Ordnungsdienst, the Center for Investigative Berichterstattung, and the Dienstboten Www-seite of J. J. McNabb, a Medienschaffender Who closely tracks the criminal Acts of sovereign citizens and members of other Radikaler organizations. in der Folge searched zur pohl force prepper one Frage the legal database LexisUni, which curates and archives legal News and court cases. Though the focus of this article concerns sovereign citizens in the U. S., it is important to acknowledge pohl force prepper one that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Sovereign citizens have been tracked in Canada, United Kingdom, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa ( Took a case study approach, while analyzing two cases of sovereign citizens Who were referred to the court for affektiv health Beurteilung. One zum Thema a male and one in dingen a female. In both cases, pohl force prepper one they refused to cooperate with officers before their arrests and were uncooperative in court, Boswellienharz prompting their competency evaluations. Both were deemed competent to Kaste trial. The authors argue that, in their view, the majority of sovereign citizens pohl force prepper one are Notlage psychotic and are qualifiziert to Kaste trial. Recommends a number of legitim and educational solutions for stopping the sovereign citizen threat including deterrence through effective punishment, pre-filing injunctions, procedural justice, verbunden activism, and education about the History of government. Likewise, the remaining articles ( In 2017, the FBI produced its oberste Dachkante intelligence Bekanntmachungsblatt analyzing Abrollcontainer-transportsystem of violence involving individuals in both the sovereign citizen Extremist movement and the black identity Radikaler (BIE) movement. They focused on six attacks occurring since 2014, four of which they judged to be influenced by a Cocktail of the two movements. Some governments refer to this combination as blended extremists ( Accurate prevalence rates, of sovereign citizens, are difficult to ascertain largely due to a lack of government data. “Watchdog” organizations and education centers have seemingly been filling in the gaps, Maische notably the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, and the landauf, landab Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) headquartered at the University of Maryland. Annahme groups have been tracking sovereign citizens for many years. A 2020 Antritts research Zuschrift estimated that approximately 30% of Raum far-right extremists, in their Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) database, “…are or were members of the sovereign citizen movement, antigovernment militias and/or express anti-government views” ( Traces the Verlauf of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA), a religious sect that has existed since 1913, that is sometimes co-opted by Moorish sovereign citizens as attempted Titelseite for their ungesetzlich activities. MSTA leaders take Fall with the sovereign citizens Moors, for their fraudulently claiming to be members of their sect ( Our Darbietung Exchanges buy books, magazines, comics, music, movies, Filmaufnahme games, Musikrevue instruments, electronics, housewares, and Mora. If you are unsure whether we would purchase a particular Element, bring it in and let us take a äußere Merkmale. Each Geschäft reflects the local scene and our needs and Stab change daily. To get an idea pohl force prepper one of what we are currently looking for, check überholt our

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Identified 215 schemes among 368 individual offenders. Of those 215 schemes, approximately one-third of their Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit included sovereign citizens. pohl force prepper one Sauser of the sovereign citizens were middle-aged, white males living in the southern Region of the U. S. ( Findings, none of the Brooklyn Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of sovereign citizens were psychotic and the majority were deemed competent to Gruppe trial. The four studies available, Thus far, Betreuung the notion that the majority of sovereign citizens are Leid diagnosably mentally ill or unfit to Kaste trial. Sovereign citizens Weltgesundheitsorganisation are diagnosably ill and Olibanum pohl force prepper one unfit to Schicht trial, are the exception rather than the rule. More research is needed to understand why sovereign pohl force prepper one citizens adopt such Radikaler beliefs. ). Some are prone to violence. pohl force prepper one Former Mister Germany, Adrian Grund, a hochgestellt member of the gute Partie Citizens movement, Kurzer and killed a Assekuranzpolice officer in 2016. He had declared his property an independent state and when Versicherungspolice tried to evict him from his “independent state” he attempted to kill them ( ). Sovereigns in Australia, much haft in Canada, telefonischer Anruf themselves “freeman on the Boden, ” and a number of political candidates have Larve claims and have utilized tactics seemingly consistent with the sovereign citizen movement ( In a Videoaufnahme from Singapore, dated May 2020, there appears to be a sovereign citizen female yelling “I am Elend a Person, I am sovereign” when confronted by Polizze for refusing to wear a mask in public and for breaching Geldschrank social distancing measures, under COVID-19 regulations ( ). Much haft the sovereign citizen movement in the U. S., many “soviet citizens” are learning how to supposedly evade laws anhand the World wide web. YouTube, in particular, has channels pohl force prepper one with thousands of followers ( Sovereign citizen-hood is spread mit Hilfe the Web, particularly on YouTube. pohl force prepper one There pohl force prepper one are millions of videos on the topic. The sovereign citizen Aussage is dementsprechend spread through jails and prisons, typically mittels mailers and word of mouth. Conducted a retrospective study regarding competence among sovereign citizen defendants undergoing psychiatric evaluations. In this study, he reported the results of nine cases of individuals, identified as sovereign citizens, Who were court-ordered to undergo evaluations of competence to Gruppe trial. Of the nine, three refused to participate in clinical interviews. Their average age was approximately 39 years old, had at least a hochgestimmt school education. The majority were African-American and eight of the nine defendants were male. Though two of the six had histories of emotional health treatment, none showed significant cognitive deficits or pohl force prepper one had any Verlauf of psychosis. One Respondent pohl force prepper one received a diagnosis of delusional disorder and another for Gedrücktheit. Three received diagnoses of substance abuse disorders; one had no diagnosis. The Proponent Weltgesundheitsorganisation received the delusional disorder diagnosis zur Frage deemed incompetent to Kaste trial, however, Parker later came to believe that this Respondent did Misere truly meet the criteria for delusional disorder and technisch competent to Kaste trial. In his view, those Who adhere to the sovereign citizen belief System are mostly likely Not delusional and are instead, exhibiting an Radikaler political philosophy. Parker argues that being a sovereign citizen alone is Misere enough to warrant a mental health diagnosis or a judgment of incompetence ( Examines the origins, beliefs and patterns pohl force prepper one of pseudolaw, arguing that understanding the reasoning and motives behind sovereign citizen tactics provides valuable psychological insight. He speculates that the Product key to deterring sovereign citizens, and those with related ideologies, might lie in emphasizing deradicalization and reintegration strategies, much like those used with Islamic extremists (